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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug Screen Testing

This screen uses a urine specimen for five drugs: Opiates, PCP, Ampethamines, Marijuana, and Cocaine. A DOT-approved chain of custody form (link) is used during the collection process. A split sample is collected and both specimens are sent to a SAMHSA-certified laboratory for testing.

Medical Review Officer (MRO) Review

According to regulations of the DOT (and many states), drug screens must be reviewed by an MRO. An MRO is a licensed Medical Doctor (M.D.) with a history of substance abuse diagnostic work. During the review, the doctor may contact and speak directly with the donor to verify medication history. This service is also available for non-DOT testing when requested.

Non-DOT Drug Screen Testing

This 5-panel screen uses a urine specimen to test for five drugs: Opiates, PCP, Ampethamines, Marijuana, and Cocaine. This test may be expanded to a 10-panel screen which also includes: Propoxyphene, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, and Tricyclic Antidepressants. Additionally, a urine alcohol (ethyl) screen may be added.

Drug Testing Memphis

Post Accident Drug/Alcohol Testing (DOT and non-DOT)


An employee who is involved in an on-the-job accident (vehicular or otherwise), which may have involved human error and may have caused a fatality, injury, or property damage, may be tested for drugs and/or alcohol using either a saliva or urine specimen.


Pre-Employment Testing


A candidate for employment must pass a drug and/or alcohol test as a condition for employment. This test can be administered: 1) as part of the application process, before an offer of employment is made; or 2) as part of the hiring process, after an offer is made but before the employee begins work. A hair sample is an excellent specimen choice for this test.


Random Drug/Alcohol Testing


The testing of employees who are chosen using a “neutral-selection” basis without advance notice. This is accomplished when an employer chooses a specific percentage of participants to be tested from the total number of employees. Those chosen, using a blind computer-generated selection process along with a small number of alternatives, will be drug tested with no advanced notice. Random urine testing is an excellent choice to help ensure a substance-free workplace.


Reasonable Suspicion/Cause Drug/Alcohol Testing


The “cause” required is an objective, factual, individualized basis for testing, such as when an employee’s behavior or physical appearance suggests use or possession of drugs and/or alcohol. This may also include alcohol on the breath, unusually slurred speech, lapses in performance, inability to respond to questions and physical symptoms of alcohol or drug influence. Either urine or saliva may be used for testing.

Drug Testing Memphis

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Mid-South Drug Testing is your complete ONE source testing partner. What sets us apart from other drug and alcohol testing companies is that we are committed to helping you make your company a substance-abuse-free facility, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • On-site testing available

  • Helpful analysis of results

  • Customized employee training and materials

  • Complete confidentiality

  • Competitive pricing


  • Substance Abuse Testing

  • DOT Testing

  • DNA Testing

With over 20 years of experience in the drug testing industry, Mid-South Drug Testing has successfully served the communities of Tennessee, Northeastern Arkansas, and North Mississippi. Our services include: individual, employment, federal, court-ordered, and school drug testing; DNA testing; background checks; employee and management training and education.


  • Urine

  • Saliva

  • Hair

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