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Other Tests

Date-Rape Testing

Date Rape drugs are hypnotics, sedatives and other types of medications that cause a person to have lapses in memory; loss of motor control, consciousness and/or inhibitions; and slurred speech. Many times the pills are slipped into beverages. When mixed with alcohol, the effects of these drugs intensify.

Testing Specimens 
  • Urine (up to 5 days after the incident)

  • Hair (collected 10–14 days after the incident minimum)

  • Suspected glass or container in which the alleged drug was placed

Basic Date Rape Panel:
  • Ketamine

  • GHB

  • Rohypnol

Comprehensive Date Rape Panel:
  • Basic Date Rape Panel, plus:

  • Other Hypnotics, Sedatives and Over-The-Counter Medications

Steroid Testing

Anabolic steroids are a class of hormones related to testosterone, a hormone significant in males. Steroids affect the development of cells and muscles, as well as masculine traits. More importantly are the health consequences associated with steroid use, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acne and liver damage. The use of steroids is banned by all major sporting agencies.


Anabolic Steroid Panel (urine only)

  • Trenbolone (-glucuronide)

  • Stanozolol (-glucuronide)

  • Fluoxymesterolone (-glucuronide)

  • Androstenedione (-glucuronide)

  • Mesterolone (-glucuronide)

  • Norethandrolone (-glucuronide)

  • Nandrolone (-glucuronide)

  • Oxandrolone (-glucuronide)

  • 17-a-Methyltestosterone (-glucuronide)

  • Methenolone (-glucuronide)

  • Methandrostenolone

  • Boldenone (-glucuronide)


PETH Testing tests alcohol in the blood and goes back about two weeks. We do not do vile testing, strictly blood spot only. Call for pricing and more details. 

Contact us at (901) 320-9295 to learn more about how we can help you!

Mid-South Drug Testing is your complete ONE source testing partner. What sets us apart from other drug and alcohol testing companies is that we are committed to helping you make your company a substance-abuse-free facility, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • On-site testing available

  • Helpful analysis of results

  • Customized employee training and materials

  • Complete confidentiality

  • Competitive pricing


  • Substance Abuse Testing

  • DOT Testing

  • DNA Testing

With over 20 years of experience in the drug testing industry, Mid-South Drug Testing has successfully served the communities of Tennessee, Northeastern Arkansas, and North Mississippi. Our services include: individual, employment, federal, court-ordered, and school drug testing; DNA testing; background checks; employee and management training and education.


  • Urine

  • Saliva

  • Hair

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