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Annual Tea and Talk at the Top gives a “Sweet Suite View.”

On the sweetest day of the year, Mayor A C Wharton, Jr. and his wife Ruby Wharton hosted the Eighth Annual Tea and Talk at the Top at City Hall. Over 200 citizens celebrated Valentine’s Day by gathering to hear Mayor Wharton address the state of our city as well as announce the winners of the coveted Ruby R. Wharton Awards. The award ceremony concluded with a reception in the Hall of Mayors and a tour of the Mayor’s 7th Floor Suite.

Established in 2002, The Ruby R. Wharton Award recognizes women who have unselfishly worked to improve the quality of life for others and who have made significant strides in the areas of early childhood development, youth and delinquency, race relations, women’s rights, business, politics, and government. Finalists were announced by WMC-TV’s Joe Birch and Dee Griffin of Eyewitness News.

This year’s recipients in each category were:

Early Childhood Marka Bennett, Agape Child and Family Services

Youth & Delinquency Martha Perine Beard, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Race Relations Aurelia Kyles, Memphis Public Library & Information Center

Women’s Rights Dr. Rosie Bingham, University of Memphis

Business Kelly Dobbins, Mid-South Testing

Business/Politics Yvonne Acey, Africa in April

Community Service Charlie Nelson, MIFA

Community Service Tran Bui Smith, Journalist

Congratulations to these great women that have been acknowledged for their volunteerism, hard work, and passion for our great city.

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