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Dobbins found calling in booming drug testing field

Dobbins found calling in booming drug testing field

Kelly Dobbins of Mid-South Drug-Testing is one of the finalists for the Memphis Business Journal's annual Small Business Awards Executive of the Year. To see more from all the finalists, check out the special section in the May 16 edition.

How’s business?:

Business is booming in our field — from 2011-2013, our revenue grew 53 percent. We have expanded four times since 2004 and are continually hiring new employees.

Biggest challenge at the moment:

Keeping the quality that we are known for while taking on more numerous and larger clients.

What will change in the next year?:

I hope to acquire my own building and move the office in order to provide better service to our employees and customers.

How do you measure success?:

I measure success by the energy of my office and customer satisfaction.

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