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  • Where is MSDT located?
    MEMPHIS: We are at the corner of Mount Moriah Rd and Park Avenue, a 2-story building behind the Mapco/ AutoZone. PARAGOULD, AR: We are located on Mockingbird Ln, Suite B in the Mockingbird Professional Complex behind AJ's Exxon.
  • What types of drug tests does MSDT offer?
    MSDT offers urine, hair, nails, and oral fluid drug testing as well as urine and breath alcohol testing. For urine testing, we can run a panel of 5-12 drugs. For hair testing, we can run a panel of 5-18 drugs. Alcohol and nails are very selective panels.
  • How accurate are our drug tests?
    Most drug testing methodologies report to be 99% accurate.
  • What you need to bring
    A valid (non-expired) photo ID is required. Acceptable forms of ID include: State issued ID only, Military ID, Driver's License, Handgun Permit, and Passport. We will not perform any type of test without a valid ID. Authorization form from your company (if given one). Court Order (if given one). Cash or Credit Card (if paying for your test).
  • What is not allowed in our office
    We ask that you do not bring any food or drinks into our lobby. We have water available if you should need it. If you are not the donor getting tested, please stay in your car or in our outer lobby. Donor's who are disrespectful or vulgar towards other donors and/or our collectors will be asked to leave. Please be kind to one another.
  • Does MSDT offer employee and management training?
    MSDT will come to your facility to train your management staff for signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use and abuse. MSDT can also offer collector training for urine, hair, oral fluid, and breath alcohol devices.
  • What does the urine collection process entail?
    Some companies include a breath alcohol test; if yours does, we will do that test first. Once we start the urine collection, you will be required to empty your pockets into the lock box and take off any outer clothing. Once you are in the restroom, you will have up to 3 minutes to produce a specimen. If you are unable, we will direct you to sit in our lobby and consume up to 40 ounces of water over a 3-hour time period. DOT requires donors to have up to 3 hours to complete their urine test. If you provide us with a urine sample that has been adulterated or is out of the acceptable temperature range, you COULD be required to do an observed test by a collector of the same gender.
  • How much urine is needed for a DOT collection?
    45ml is required, so please come hydrated! For non-DOT collections, we still ask that you are able to provide 45 ml.
  • What is a Refusal to Test?
    There are many reasons that your test can be deemed a Refusal per DOT. See below for a few that are specific to being at a collection facility: Failure to remain in the collection site until the testing process is complete. Failure to provide a specimen for any drug test required by this part or DOT agency regulations. In the case of a directly observed or monitored urine collection in a drug test, failure to permit the observation or monitoring of an employee's specimen. Failure to cooperate with any part of the testing process. For an observed urine collection, failure to follow the observer's instructions to raise your clothing above the waist, lower clothing and underpants, and to spin around to permit the observer to determine if you have any type of prosthetic or other device that could be used to interfere with the collection process. Possess or wear a prosthetic or other device that could be used to interfere with the collection process. Admit to the collector or MRO that you adulterated or substituted the specimen.
  • What does hair testing entail?
    When collecting a hair sample, we do not rip a few strands from your head. Our labs require we collect at least 150 strands for the smaller test panels and up to 250 for our largest panels. A collector will cut as close to the donor's scalp as they can get (without causing any pain) and we typically cut in multiple spots- we want to keep it from being noticeable. The lab will test starting at the root ends to 1.5 inches- this will go back 3 months. That is the standard for hair testing but the timeframe can be lengthened upon request if the donor has long enough hair. We cannot accept wet hair; ensure your hair is 100% dry. Do not adulterate, bleach, and/or dye your hair before getting a hair test.
  • What does DNA testing entail?
    DNA includes swabbing the inside of the donor's mouth- there is no blood taken! We require a birth certificate for the child/children that are involved in the DNA testing. The guardian/parent that is signing for the child must also bring their valid photo ID.
  • Will CBD show up as a positive marijuana result on my drug test?
    CBD from a reputable source should contain no more than .03% THC. Since most drug tests do not differentiate between CBD and THC it is recommended that you do NOT partake in any activity that could cause you to fail a drug test.
  • Can I take CBD if I live in a State where Marijuana is legal?
    CBD use is NOT a legitimate medical explanation under Part 40 for a laboratory confirmed Marijuana positive result.
  • Will I fail a drug test for Marijuana if my roommate smokes?
    Being around Marijuana SHOULD not make you fail a drug test; however it is not recommended to be around any drug use.
  • What employers need to know about drug and alcohol testing
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