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Individual Services

MSDT offers an array of testing services for individuals. From drug and alcohol testing to date-rape testing, DNA and paternity testing—MSDT can help you gather all the facts through a full range of testing services.


Drug Testing

Mid-South Drug Testing offers individual and employer drug testing using urine, oral fluid/saliva, hair and nail methodologies.

TESTING METHODS: 🧪Urine, Oral Fluid/Saliva, Hair, and Nails

Alcohol Testing

Mid-South Drug Testing offers individual and employer alcohol testing using urine, oral fluid/saliva, hair, nail, and blood spot methodologies.

TESTING METHODS: 🧪Urine, Breath, Hair, Nails and Blood Spot

Tobacco Testing

There are two ways to test for tobacco. One is lab-based urine, the other is hair. They both test quantitative nicotine levels and are sent to a laboratory. These results are usually available within a week.

TESTING METHODS: 🧪Urine and Hair

DNA testing is often used to determine genetic relationships. Using a non-invasive buccal swab, the cheek cells are scraped and sent to the lab for testing. The test may include mother, father, and child or just father and child; it may also include siblings and grandparents. The confidential results are back in approximately 3-7 business days.

TESTING METHODS: 🧪Buccal (Cheek) Swab

DNA Testing


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Traditional Testing

Traditional urine testing is the most practical and widely-used method of drug detection, as most drugs are detectable in the urine for 1–7 days. We have found that urine testing is best used for random and follow-up testing when the individual does not know they are going to be tested.

🧪Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco Testing
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Rapid Testing

Rapid (instant) testing gives an answer right away, with a Negative or Non-Negative result. If the test is Non-Negative, it is sent off to the lab for confirmation testing. Lab-based urine testing does not provide an immediate answer and is sent to the lab once collected. 

🧪Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Quick Results

  • Good for random testing

  • Must have restroom

  • Adulteration/substitution issues

  • Cannot be used for DOT testing

  • Short window of detection (1–7 days)

  • Special storage and transport

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