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Charities MSDT Donates To

Dorothy Day House
Memphis, TN

 As stated on their website, "The Dorothy Day House keeps homeless families together, creating a safe haven and a community for entire families." We believe that keeping families together is vital for both the children and parents; there are not many housing programs that do this.

St. Jude
Memphis, TN

The mission of St. Jude is "to advance cures, and means of prevention, for childhood cancer and other catastrophic diseases through research and treatment." As a Memphian, the love and gratitude we have for St. Jude only grows as we get older. Being able to donate to their research is important to us because we believe in their mission and values. One of the many blessings of St. Jude is that they share their cancer research with other facilities in hopes to help save children worldwide.

University of Memphis
Memphis, TN

Kelly Dobbins (President) originally graduated from Memphis State in 1989 receiving her Bachelor's Degree. She then graduated with her Master's Degree in 1997. Madison (supervisor) graduated from the University of Memphis in 2022 with her Bachelor's. We believe that all levels of education are important but pouring into the college that we are Alumni from is also nostalgic.

Oakview Learning Center
Hayti, MO

Serving those who have moderate to severe mental and/or physical disabilities with ages ranging from 5-21. Education for ALL is important, regardless of disability.

NEA Humane Society
Jonesboro, AR

A nonprofit whose mission statement is tc, "Finding Loving Homes For Pets". Many of our employees love animals so being able to help our furry friends means a lot to us.

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